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the spiritual actions connected to me, how will they attract what I want? How does the system work?

There are two theories with regard to this in Kabbalah:
One is that you have your own spiritual shadow, which you can find a lot of things on the internet about people that saw themselves up there. By the way, according to Kabbalah, this spiritual shadow has a mark, has a sign or a warning thirty days before something happens to you down here. If you have a cut on your hand in your spiritual shadow, you will have a cut on your hand in the same place within the next 30 days. Your spiritual shadow affects your physical shadow. There is constant interactions between you hear and your spiritual shadow up there as you change and influence your spiritual shadow and your spiritual shadow influences you back based on your interactions and your deeds here. Depending on what you do here things change. Of course time is also a factor because there is a time factor with everything but if you […]

Kabbalah and Soul Mates

So we’re talking about soul mates. And we’re talking about marriage. And the place to go to is genesis right in the beginning. In Genesis, it starts like this: God took Adam, put him sleep, but the word in Hebrew refers to something much deeper than sleep.

And he took one of his ribs and he formed flesh around it. And he took that rib, which he took from man, and created a woman out of it and he brought it to Adam and Adam said, this time, she’s a bone of my bone, she’s a flesh and by flesh, this should be called a woman, because she was taken from a man.

Therefore a man, it’s almost a commandment, should leave his parents’ house and he should attach to his wife. But the Hebrew word is not only attachment but also dedication. But more so attachment, and then they should become one flesh—to become one.

The way is that the man courts after the woman. He goes after. He looks for her. But it’s not the way when a wife, when a woman looks for the […]

Kabbalah and Spiritual Protection

Kabbalah offers a lot in terms of spiritual protection.  The Kabbalah tells us that we are a little source of livelihood.  God put into us  a soul that generates life. There is such a thing that is called klipah, negative spiritual forces. They come on and leech on anything that is holy and they ride the livelihood out of it by doing so.

What gives us our livelihood, kabbalah teaches the holiness that is inside of us, the little seed of holiness that is inside of us that generates a tremendous amount of power and vitality. The parasites come and leech on to it and suck up all the livelihood from what is holy to the point that we stop existing and then it takes over so we become completely impure.

Besides that little sesame seed of holiness that always stays inside of us.  That’s what causes us to have significant problems in our life, we attract the bad people, we do the sins, we cannot move forward in our life….we are stuck.

There is a little opening in our protective shield in […]

Kabbalah – Introduction to Kabbalah Wisdom

Kabbalah, kabbalah wisdom is very intricate and layered. We are going to introduce some of the wisdom of Kabbalah in order to clarify and to create a better understanding of kabbalah concepts.  We are going to focus on our internal spirituality and how our actions in this world affect our spirituality.

So the Rabbi Isaac Luria, known as the greatest kabbalah master of modern times, a man who studied kabbalah extensively, he wrote one of the famous works as it were, called The Tree of Life. So in The Tree of Life he writes, “To any person, whether he is a righteous person or a wicked one, there are two different parts of the soul.”

One part is a part that comes straight up from above, God took, as the kabbalah scholars say, from his Throne of Glory, and put in this person.  And the other one comes from a different pile stock. It comes from the impure pile stock.

Everyone has it. It’s a completely new kabbalah concept. That two parts together form what we call the human soul. […]

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