The Spiritual Connection of Every Person to a Group

There is something fundamental in a person’s life that heavily influences his receiving. Every person is born and set up into certain connections in an early stage of life; parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and other family. Later on it expands to friends, schoolmates and neighbors.

The family that you are born into, the friends and the connections along the way are there for him intentionally for the good and the bad and influence his life in different times directly and indirectly in the reactions to them and how we behave towards them.

You may ask yourself sometimes if you were born into the wrong family, if you grew up in the wrong neighborhood, the answer is no. There is a reason and a purpose for a person’s family, groups and associations.

The question is even harder when a person feels that some of the groups that he belongs to are hurting or damaging his life and he has to deal with toxic relationships. Unfortunately, we see relationships where family and friends are acting not in good faith, insulting each other, criticizing each other, harassing each other, cheating each other, suing each other, breaking up relationships, gossiping about each other, lying to each other.

People doing the worst things against their own blood, business partners, friends, marriage partners, girlfriends and boyfriends etc.. In the worst cases, its not bad enough that the person lost his closest family or friends but now he has to deal with the problems they created.

Is G-d Sending Bad People Towards Me?

We answer this question here and in reality you have to have some merits and good luck to get out of a situation with people that you trusted that betray you. Our sages taught us some methods to recognize when things change in a relationship that it might go sooner or later against you and even how to block and stop people that are trying to harm you, which from our experience works most of the time when the timing is still in the stage that things are still in process.

The Good Influence Side Of Being Part of The Group.

As we said a persons links to other people is vital for his life and his influence also for good comes from his surroundings. Like in reality, you cannot be part of a group where everyone around you smells something and you don’t. The goodness of the badness, the positive and the negative are constantly shared within a group or family that you are part of.

Like in the physical world, also in the spiritual. A thief that is part of a group of thieves receives his share of the good, what they stole, and the bad, the punishment, as he is part of the group that executed harm against people. It is the same when belonging to a good group that are executing actions and part of good things and good activities, will receive the rewards and the results of the goodness and kindness and blessing.

The spiritual world works exactly the same.  So if you are part of a spiritual activity, charity, doing good for others, you receive a part of the direct and indirect abundance generated by the group.

We created a group that shares this philosophy after we saw that people responded with positive reflections when working with us.  You can read about it here.

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